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Pregnancy Testing

Am I really pregnant? This may be just one of the many questions running through your mind right now. If you think you could be pregnant, we at Corbella Clinic provide no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy testing that can help you be sure.

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If you take our no-cost pregnancy test and it turns out positive, an ultrasound is important for confirming that the pregnancy is viable, meaning capable of developing under normal conditions. Ultrasounds are a safe way to learn what you need to decide about pregnancy.

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STI/ STD Testing & Treatment

Wondering if you have an STD/STI? If you're unsure whether you have an STD/STI or you think you may have been exposed to one, Corbella Clinic offers no-cost and confidential screenings with a urine test. Results are available in about a week.

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Abortion Pill Reversal

Many women have safely reversed the effects of their abortions. Contact us to learn more about the Abortion Pill Reversal process. Call the APR hotline immediately if you'd like to start the process, as time is of the essence. 

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You are not alone in your pregnancy. Get accurate information and support from our medical professionals today. Our services offer the clarity you need to move forward.