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Continuing your pregnancy and becoming a parent may feel like an impossible option while still reeling from the shock that you’re unexpectedly pregnant. 

Yet, you can do it even if the pregnancy was not in your plans and you have other dreams or goals to pursue. A good parenting plan can help you achieve them. 

Like adoption, the way parenting looks is unique to you. The different forms of parenting are spousal, joint, parallel, single, and temporary guardianship.

1. Spousal Parenting

One parenting option that may work for you is parenting with a spouse. If you are in a committed, healthy marriage or partnership, spousal parenting is almost certainly the best option. You and your spouse or partner work together to provide a loving home for your child.

2. Co-Parenting

Co-parenting may be the best choice for you if you and the father of your child are not in a relationship, but he wants to stay involved in your child’s life. The key to successful co-parenting is for both parents to work together harmoniously and put their child’s needs first.

3. Parallel Parenting

Parallel parenting drastically reduces the amount of interaction you would have with your child’s father. Parallel parenting is a good option if you and your child’s father have a high-conflict relationship because your child can stay in a relationship with both parents without being involved in the conflict

4. Single Parenting

Single parenting doesn’t mean you must parent your child alone. There are creative ways for single moms to receive support while single parenting. This includes living with another single mom to share childcare and expenses or living with parents, siblings, or friends. These added relationships not only enhance your life but also your child’s. Additionally, government and community resources could be available to you as a single mom. 

5. Legal Temporary Guardianship 

Sometimes, a woman isn’t quite ready to become a parent, she may need additional time to feel prepared to care for her child, both emotionally and financially.

If this resonates with you, legal temporary guardianship could be an option to consider. 

Legal temporary guardianship means temporarily placing your child in someone else’s care (often a friend or family member) while you continue to maintain your parental rights. You also retain the right to regain full custody when you can show the court that you are able to parent your child.


If you are considering parenting but have concerns about baby supplies, parenting skills, insurance, and monthly expenses, help is available.

Choosing to raise your child means you’re choosing to embrace all the joys that come along with it. It also means you’re signing up for some challenges, too. Despite the joy, parenting is hard sometimes. There is good news, though; abundant support is available to help ease the more challenging parts of parenting. 

Our team at Corbella Clinic has expertise in locating resources and referrals in areas such as:

  • Childcare
  • Parenting skills
  • Medicaid
  • Food
  • Nutrition
  • Housing
  • Prenatal care
  • Medical care 
  • Job-skills training
  • Transportation


You are not alone in your unexpected pregnancy. Get accurate information and support from our caring medical professionals by making an appointment today. Our services offer the clarity you need to move forward.

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You are not alone in your pregnancy. Get accurate information and support from our medical professionals today. Our services offer the clarity you need to move forward.