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How To Find Emotionally Safe Support When You’re Unexpectedly Pregnant

Does everyone seem to have an opinion about what you should do about your unexpected pregnancy?

Your parents want you to have an abortion because they’re worried about your ability to finish school.

Your boyfriend wants you to have an abortion because he isn’t ready for the responsibilities of parenthood.

Your best friend worries that you’ll regret an abortion and wants you to continue your pregnancy.

What matters most is how you want to move forward.

Keep reading to learn how to find emotionally safe support during this fragile time. We’ll discuss how to identify the best people to seek help from and how to find unbiased answers to your questions.

How to Find Emotionally Safe Support When You’re Unexpectedly Pregnant

Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant can feel pretty scary, and most likely, you’re trying to make the most important decision you’ve ever faced. So it’s essential to have support. But you don’t need just any kind of support; you deserve safe support.

So what makes a person emotionally safe when you need guidance for an unintended pregnancy? Let’s take a look:

1. Emotionally safe support people will empower you.

Seeking support from those with your best interest at heart is critical. You don’t need to be judged; you need to be heard and empowered to make the best decision for you.

Education is power, and emotionally safe people will not try to censor pregnancy information from you. Instead, they will recognize that you deserve accurate details to make an informed decision about your pregnancy. They may help you to gather unbiased information or offer you a ride to a local pregnancy center.

Your friends and family may be well-intentioned in offering their advice, but an unbiased healthcare provider advocates for you. They correctly answer your parenting, adoption, and abortion questions and provide facts you may not have heard of before so you can decide what you’ll do next.

When researching clinics to get information about your pregnancy options, seek guidance from a pregnancy medical clinic that offers all their services at no cost to you. There, you will receive unbiased answers from licensed healthcare professionals who prioritize your health and safety.

2. Emotionally safe support people will not coerce you.

When someone uses force, threats, or intimidation to get you to make the choice they want you to make about your pregnancy, it’s called reproductive coercion. Coercion can also be so subtle that it’s hard to recognize because the person is trying to deceive or trick you.

Coercion takes many forms, including:

  •   Your parents telling you they will kick you out of the house if you continue your pregnancy – or end your pregnancy.
  •   Your boyfriend telling you he will break up with you if you continue your pregnancy – or end your pregnancy. It’s helpful if your partner has an opinion. But it crosses over to reproductive coercion when he pressures you to do what he wants you to do about your pregnancy – and it’s intimate partner violence.
  •   Your school telling you that you can’t participate in activities if you continue your pregnancy.

Coercion is about power and control, and it says, “My needs are more important than you or your needs.” Remember that a safe person will never pressure you to do what they want you to do about your pregnancy.

Corbella Clinic Provides You Emotionally Safe Support

You deserve the best pregnancy support available, and at Corbella Clinic, your health and safety are our top priority.

Our licensed professional medical team is here to help you navigate your unplanned pregnancy by answering your questions and providing pregnancy medical services in an emotionally safe environment.

All of our services are at no cost to you. We provide pregnancy testing, STI testing, limited ultrasound, education, community resources, and more which provide you with all you need to decide your next steps.

Contact Corbella Clinic today for your confidential appointment.

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